A Most Generous Season’s Greeting from California!

Catch this personal message from one of the coolest cutting edge envoys of generosity out there, Reno Makani, a GoPro ambassador, and Surfers Healing volunteer.

GoPro is innovative in pretty much every way, from its mounted camera technology to the ginormorous gifting culture that’s steering Silicon Valley philanthropy. (See this quick read on their $500 million gift.)

Here’s a cool connection:
Way, way, way back in 1999, it was considered groundbreaking when I facilitated a major philanthropic, restricted stock gift from then tech start-up Priceline. That multi-million gift helped support The Carter Center’s disease eradication efforts in the developing world—a giant boost from one of Silicon Valley’s early darlings.

Seeing how those early relationships between the Valley and corporate visionaries are evolving is exciting, and in this case, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation grows its impact exponentially, thanks to GoPro.

Download the “A Most Generous Season’s Greeting from California!” PDF [728kb] here.

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