An Invitation from The Aga Kahn

An intimate dinner with Prince Karim Aga Kahn IV was elegant, of course. His Foundation continues to operate with an eye towards the preservation of international cultures with keen strategy and directed generosity.

What I loved most on my most recent trip to France was seeing the transformation of the Stables of the Chateau at Chantilly. This remarkable and storied edifice was the center of life in the region from as early as the 16th century — both a family’s home and a regional engine of economic prosperity. Today as part of the Institut de France, the building, grounds and collection are pristine.

The Aga Kahn’s restoration of The Great Stables and the creation of the Museum of the Horse at Chantilly deeply impressed me as a cultural mission with public purpose. The ambitious project not only conserves the architecture and unique artistic and economic history of the building, but also has made a significant impact in revitalizing the region. Visitors are welcome. Jobs were created. A meaningful cultural monument preserved, driving economic recovery today.  If you plan to visit France this fall, I hope you will take a quick trip from the Gare du Nord to enjoy this public treasure.

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