Ballet Idaho Debut: KC Driscoll, Boise Fundraiser with Flair

by CCC

As KC Driscoll steps into the role of Manager of Development at Ballet Idaho, she says good timing is on her side. “Ballet Idaho has generous donors and corporate sponsors looking to help us extend our reach in the community now.”  says Driscoll.

Forbes consistently ranks Boise as one of the top U.S. cities for business and careers.

A graduate of Boise State with a degree in Communications, Driscoll began her career in Boise at the Girl Scouts through AmeriCorps.  She subsequently joined the Girls Scouts working for more than two years as a young professional fundraiser for environmental stewardship programming and camps.  Her first job with the Girl Scouts was a perfect fit, says Driscoll. “I came to Boise in love with the city and the outdoors, and this was my chance to enhance it, and share it.” Working in close partnership with program staff helped deepen her understanding of the role of development in supporting and promoting an organization’s mission. “It became very clear to me that fundraising was critical, and I loved the community building aspect of reaching out,’’ says Driscoll.

As her fundraising prowess grew, Driscoll’s enthusiasm and impact became attractive to another national non-profit, Trey McIntyre Project (TMP), headquartered in Boise. TMP recruited Driscoll to coordinate fundraising as that innovative arts organization experienced a period of rapid growth. “I witnessed a huge amount of growth there, which was really an enormous learning opportunity for me as a professional,” says Driscoll.

As TMP shifted away from dance late last year to focus exclusively on film, Driscoll was drawn to the opportunity with Ballet Idaho because the potential seemed very real. “Too many lovers and potential funders of dance in Boise simply haven’t been tapped yet,” says Driscoll. With a strategic sense of what works to appeal to the uninitiated, Driscoll plans to draw back the curtain on the creative process in dance to hook potential donors. “How does dance actually happen? That’s what we want our supporters to see,” says Driscoll. “What is the choreographer’s process, how do the dancers respond, how does it all come together. What’s on stage is a culmination, but we want to show our supporters what it takes and how it happens. That intimacy with the process and the dancers tells our story, and makes it clear that Ballet Idaho is a unique, important investment.”

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