Look Ahead 2015: Philanthropic Counsel Opens Paris Office Exporting Best Practices in Fundraising to Europe

One of the most exciting elements of my work is watching growth happen where it matters. So with shifting philanthropic economics in Europe and the momentum of successful engagements in the UK and France fueling my enthusiasm, I’ve decided to take the plunge.

What’s compelling about Paris is yes, arts and culture, but so much more. The city is a thriving biotech capital and there is significant room to grow funding to the human services sector.  Paris is also an excellent intelligence hub for assisting clients in London, Zurich, Munich and Rome and other European centers of arts and science.

In past visits to Paris, I’ve worked with the brilliantly innovative team of conservationists at the Paris Zoo and offered weeklong seminars at the Ecole de la Philanthropie sponsored by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, talking with young people about what it will take to cultivate a robust culture of giving in 21st Century Europe, where fundraising is a nascent art.

In this era of truly pan-national corporations, it’s not about looking to a corporate sponsor to carry an event or project. Now is the time to expand fundraising know-how on the ground, and to spread the idea that genuine intellectual and empathic affinity is needed to re-define a culture of giving that will ensure the stability and success of so many critical future projects. Cutting edge giving plans that mine all the data and leverage social media are important for the most established Old World institutions, too.  Even the Louvre is getting into the fundraising game with some techniques borrowed from abroad.

So now is a very good time indeed to invite your inquires, or a plan to pop by our new Paris office in January. Please be in touch!

10 Place Vendôme
Paris 75001 France
Tel:+33 (0) 1 53 45 54 54

Download the “A Most Generous Season’s Greeting from California!” PDF [728kb] here.

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