Made You Look!

The foundational truth in any fundraising is that what you need people to give FIRST is attention. If no one looks, no one cares, and no one will pledge. Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate style and branding as integral to any “ask”. Kevin Hees is a master when it comes to campaign style.

I consider myself a student, and want to introduce you to Kevin here. Internationally-recognized for his extraordinary, color-saturated photographs, Hees’ iconic Ditch The Box t-shirt campaign offered a beautifully designed shirt with an even more important message. Simply: Ditch The Box. Any box you’ve been put in, or you’ve put yourself in, throw it out. A bestseller from that campaign inspired the next iteration. Now Kevin is launching the graphically impeccable Be Brave Be You campaign. That’s it: the stickers, the shirts, the book, and the campaign message. Don’t hide. He wants to build a bridge based on that idea and energy.  Connecting people is part of Kevin’s heritage and his DNA. Look on his website and you’ll see the story. His great-grandpa was a bridge builder who constructed the causeway connecting two major cities in Florida. Kevin’s work is building connections. To create impact he needs funds. First, he gets people to look. It works.

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