Seeds of Growth: Danforth Plant Science Center

There’s something instructive about the scenario I encountered this fall at the Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Louis when I led a philanthropy discussion at the invitation of Dr. William Danforth, former chancellor of Washington University and the force behind the founding of the center. The Danforth Center is dedicated to solving world hunger through agricultural advances, but much of its generous funding has come from local donors. Given the broad scope of the Center’s mission and its prestige among plant scientists, I advise the Center adopt a strategy that reaches concentrically outward, embracing the science, tech and human services sectors that want to support such efforts. The takeaway: Target your audience, both at home, and around the world. Wherever your work and message resonates, there are funds to be raised.

Download the “A Most Generous Season’s Greeting from California!” PDF [728kb] here.

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