Talk About Iconic!

If your organization enjoys high recognition with iconic branding that’s transitioned successfully across the centuries to be embraced by millennial donors today, you can skip this message and read the next item. But most of us can acknowledge that sometimes “iconic” is really a very lovely synonym for stale.

Over the past year, I had that conversation with myself and my colleagues at the Doheny Eye Institute, about our young women’s donor organization. The result is captured in this photograph.

Does this look like your mother’s hospital women’s auxiliary group? I didn’t think so. But this is the very evidence of just how much has changed in women’s philanthropy. The women who have historically supported philanthropies of all sorts are by definition givers. But the culture has not always permitted them to define themselves as doers. Today that is evolving as organizations wrestle with acknowledging the power of women’s giving versus the power in having them as women of action.  Most of these women work, have children, generously support community and charitable organizations, and define themselves in all of these ways

The Luminaire Juniors, is a group founded by women, to support a cause founded by a woman prior to 1950.  We are delighted to be able to share graphic historical context in our new branding. A vintage photo of our founder, Carrie Estelle Doheny, juxtaposed with this group portrait tells a new story about an established non-profit. We didn’t change the mission, the name, or the goals. We just changed the look, with an eye to the future of the organization as a sustainable and growing asset to help fund research to end blindness and eye disease.  If your organization is looking towards the future, you truly need to be relevant in the moment.

Iconic happens in rebranding, too.

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